November 8, 2012

We Love Our Albums!!

How much do we love our albums? Just as much as our clients!!!

We absolutely believe that our albums are the single most important item that we deliver. These albums are thick. The pages are heavy, nothing flimsy between your fingers. We know that there is something truly organic about holding these books in your lap and physically having a connection to your memories. One day you will pass along this “family heirloom” to your children and for generations your legacy will be enjoyed time and time again. No amount of random photos or DVDs can retell the story of your wedding like one of our beautiful custom albums.
Each of our albums have almost limitless combinations and options that can be 100% customized to fit your style.

We got together with a couple of our couple’s (wouldn’t you know it, we had our camera) and we decided to do a little filming of them as they saw their album. We had a lot of fun getting to do something a little different. We’re photographers not videographers, but it was great playing around!!