September 5, 2012

Southern Oaks Plantation – New Orleans Wedding Venue

Hands down, one of our favorite wedding venues in New Orleans is Southern Oaks Plantation!

You’re probably wondering what makes this one of the most sought after, premier wedding venues in the city: Is it the food? Is it the atmosphere? Is it the attention to detail? Is it the customer service? As cliche as it sounds, it’s all of the above! Time and time again we’ve heard from our own couples how wonderful the entire experience with Southern Oaks was for their wedding day. They take care of everything!

Whether you’re a local or out of town bride your wedding planning will be a breeze after booking Southern Oaks. Your wedding day will run smoothly as the excellent staff tends to your every want and need.

Southern Oaks has been a family run establishment for twenty five years, with the newest generation taking the reins. Together Shalea, Stacey, and Kyle now handle most of the day to day and event operations.

After Hurricane Katrina, Shalea and Kyle made the move back to New Orleans from Connecticut to help Shalea’s parents reopen Southern Oaks (being in an area of the city that was almost completely destroyed, this was no easy task).  Not long after finishing school in Chicago, Stacey also decided to come back to help Southern Oaks full-time.

“Instead of just working with one coordinator, you get all three of us. We work together on every event. We always want everyone to have a good time while they’re here, that’s first and foremost. Also, we really want everyone to feel welcome just like a big family.”

“Not only with the service that we provide to them during the planning process and the comfort of knowing that we’re taking care of exactly what they’ve dreamed of, our team extends to our entire staff that we’ve trained to have a ‘service first’ personality. We really have a great staff! They understand that this isn’t just another day at work, we’re making someone’s dreams come true.”

“We’re constantly updating and reinventing ourselves with the latest trends. If you’ve been here for a wedding, say three years ago, we want you to come in see that it’s still new and fresh.”

With a variety of beautiful rooms and on-site locations, each with with it’s own style and personality, it makes our job so easy to photograph amazing weddings at this venue.

We can’t say enough good things about Southern Oaks Plantation!


To get in contact with Southern Oaks please check out their newly revamped website or give them a call at 504.245.8221.

Don’t forget to stop by their facebook page!