February 25, 2015

Scriptura – New Orleans

We’d like to share the latest in our series of preferred vendors with a small boutique paper company based in New Orleans.

Scriptura creates some of the most stunning wedding invitations, save the dates, and stationery we’ve ever seen. Our infatuation with Scriptura started a few years ago when we started to notice a trend of amazing design and quality within our clients’ invitations. Every time we saw beautiful and unique invitations at a wedding, we kept hearing the same name-Scriptura! There is so much quality that we do not only see, but also feel in the paper we hold in our hands.

When we started the journey of upgrading our own business cards we knew there was no one else we wanted to work with. Not only did we get the awesome opportunity to actually watch our new cards being made by hand on a letter press machine that is almost 100 years old, but while we were there we got to talk to some of the staff about why Scriptura is so special.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the shop is all of the dark wood that gives the shop a warmth that’s really inviting. The front half of the shop is filled with great paper products like journals, stationery, and distinct writing tools. Stepping into the back of the shop feels like you’re stepping back in time.

scriptura 4 scriptura 3 scriptura 2scriptura 5

We spoke with Jennifer who is so cute and soft spoken. She runs the studio in the back of the shop and is in charge of making sure all of the letterpress products come out looking their best. After 15 years in the craft, she know’s what she’s doing!

“Its our attention to detail. There is so much etiquette when it comes to wedding invitations and we know it frontwards and backwards so everything is always right. We start with the most gorgeous papers we can find from Germany, Italy, or England. Our papers are made of cotton which usually are remnants from the garment industry so it has a low environmental impact. It’s all just gorgeous and soft paper that you just kind of want to pet! The same with our envelopes. They’re Italian and just so pretty pretty pretty.”

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When we asked about the in house design process Jennifer told us this:

“Definitely we start out by sitting down and asking questions about their wedding and their individual needs. The invitation that a bride would need for a very casual beach wedding would be completely different from large traditional New Orleans Catholic cathedral wedding. We help to drive them to the right direction and esthetics. We’ll show them designs and sometimes they see things and they say “Oh, I love this” and they just know what they want. Other times it’s a process where they tell us what they like and what color palate they love, and what designs they’re into. So we pull from all of these inspirations and start putting together proofs until we get exactly where we need to be.”

scriptura 16scriptura 13 scriptura 15

One of Scriptura’s powerhouse consultants is Riley who has been with them for 3 years now. She gave us a little more background on Scriptura’s beginnings:

“Scriptura was started by sisters Margret and Sally who opened the shop in 1995. On a trip to Venice they were inspired by the paper stores they visited. They noticed that in Venice there are so many little stationery stores throughout the region and here in New Orleans there weren’t any. So, they quit their other careers to bring that European style paper here to the Big Easy.”

scriptura 17 scriptura 18

Riley also told us, “When a couple comes into Scriptura they first sit down with a consultant and they’re shown a host of wedding  samples and albums from Scriptura that are designed and created in house. We also work with Crane and Co., Vera Wang, Arzberger, and other invitation makers from around the country to give as many quality options as we possibly can. We go through a long process with each couple where we explain our options and we help them make decisions. We also assist with all of their wording to make sure that their invitations not only look their best but also read their best.”

scriptura 20 scriptura 21

With two locations, one uptown and one in nearby Metairie, Scriptura exists to help brides with discerning taste make an impression that their invitation recipients won’t forget. We want to thank Riley (Left) and Margaret (right) for letting us come and be a part of what has become such a great New Orleans tradition with our own paper needs.

For more information please visit Scriptura’s website www.scriptura.com or stop by either of Scriptura’s locations:

5423 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115


3301 Veterans Boulevard, Metairie, LA 70002