October 19, 2013

Saint Louis Cathedral proposal – Jessica and Ryan

We were so pumped to shoot a secret Saint Louis Cathedral proposal! Jessica and Ryan both contacted us wanting to do a photo session but for different reasons. Jessica is an amazing photographer who has been following us for a while and just wanted some pictures with her boyfriend. Meanwhile Ryan contacted us and told us he planned on proposing to Jessica and wanted us to be there to capture the whole thing. So, being the sneaky punks we are, we told her no problem and scheduled a shoot a couple months down the road for her and told her it was in our calendar.

Ryan wanted us to come to Saint Louis Cathedral where he was going to propose after Sunday morning Mass. So here we are in the back of this giant cathedral waiting for Mass to let out and hoping that Jessica doesn’t see us. She knows who we are and we didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Mass is letting out and we go into full ninja mode. People are walking out as we duck and roll in and out of rows of pews.

We spot them at the statue of Mary at the front of the alter. Then we waited…. We even had a few tourists walk into the shot and we had to quietly tell them to get out of the way! Haha

Of course Ryan did what he came to do and Jessica had no idea. She was so surprised she almost fell from her legs giving out. Afterwards we did a quick couples session and it was one of the best sessions we’ve ever done. Never before have we worked with a couple who’s emotions for each other were at that kind of peak! Ryan finished with a song. They sat in the grass inside of Jackson Square where Ryan played an acoustic version of Mumford & Sons – ‘I will wait’. So cool 🙂 Congratulations to these two!!!