July 30, 2013

Race and Religious – New Orleans Wedding Venue

If you’re wanting to have the ultimate New Orleans style and feel for your wedding then you want to reserve your date at as soon as possible at Race and Religious. Located on the corner of two cross streets bearing the same name, Race and Religious has quickly become New Orleans most sought after wedding venue and it’s easy to se why. We absolutely fell in love with the property the first time we walked through its doors and saw it in all of it artistic glory. This isn’t you typical venue or hall. This place has over 4000 square feet of indoor space spread over 3 structures (a two-story Creole cottage, a three-story Greek-revival rowhouse, and an upstairs Slave Quarter) and two joining courtyard areas with a pool. You haven’t seen style until you see that pool lit up with floating candles while your guest mingle. (Are you picturing it yet?) We met up with Sarah, who is the property manager at Race and Religious, and I think she might be the property’s biggest fan!

“A lot of the venues in new orleans are unique but not very many have the the history and the unique artwork that we have. Race and Religious is something that you’ll walk into and never see anything like it again.”

“The property was built in 1836 and the bricks were actually molded from the clay from the banks of the Mississippi river and they were baked on Tchoupitoulas street. The slave quarter upstairs was built with barge beams from old decommissioned river barges and the stairs have never been repainted, so in a way your literally walking on history. There are only 11 original creole cottages left in the city and we have one of them right here.”

“Another unique feature about us is when you rent the property you can have he entire venue for 48 hours which gives you the entire weekend, 24 hours, or a 10 hour rental. So you can arrive whenever you want with no time restrictions on how early you can show up.”

“All of the paintings and artwork on the property were done by local artists. One of the pieces of work shows the 19 compartments of the Artist’s life, Jeffrey Cook and on the day he died, it’s said that the angel in the piece next to it raised it’s arm from pointing towards the box to then pointing towards the sky. We’re really lucky to have that piece. It used to be in the Ogden museum of art and you had to got through 5 security checks to get it out of the museum and now it’s here!”

Race and Religious has to be seen in person! With it’s unique look and surprises around every corner your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come. This property really is one of a kind.

Give Sarah a call and schedule a walk-through.

Call them at 504.523.0890 or shoot them an email at info@raceandreligious.com