August 10, 2014

Portrait of a Mississippi Patriarch

This handsome portrait of a Mississippi patriarch is Heather’s very own Grandfather, William Clayton Dennis, who just landed on his 80th birthday. Poppa, who he’s known by in our home, is the most kind hearted and God fearing man that I’ve ever had the pleasure to not only meet but to call family. He is my daughters Great Grandfather and one incredible role model for Heather and I. During his 80th birthday party Poppa graciously allowed me to take his portrait on the anniversary of his birth. He also was a super good sport and even let me ask him some questions on camera.

I’m definitely not the preachy type, but take the little moments of life to heart and enjoy every single one. I lost both of my Grandfathers a couple of years ago and what I wouldn’t give or pay to have just 20 more minutes with each one so I could just sit with them and ask them how their day was going or if they had any advice for what I might be going through. We love Poppa so much and we’re looking forward to celebrating many many more birthdays together!

William Clayton Dennis – Heather’s Grandfather from Dark Roux Photography on Vimeo.