June 27, 2020

Pandemic Wedding – Caitlin and Donald

What do you do if everything you’ve planned for your wedding just kinda shits the bed? What if there’s a pandemic and your city is one of the epicenters of the virus? What do you do if a lot of your vendors are scared and aren’t willing to accommodate you or allow you to reschedule?

You have your damn wedding anyway!

Caitlin and Donald said, “To hell with it, we’re gonna do it our way”. Family and friends could log into a live Zoom meeting and watch the ceremony on their back porch. Originally their wedding was gonna be a pretty epic one, but when it’s all said and done the most important part of any wedding is two people becoming one. Rena from Alchemy Events (who we adore) took the reigns and really made sure that their event was the best it could be under the strange conditons. She believed it was important to make every last detail count and support Caitlin and Donald the entire time! We seriously love Rena and have to give her a shout out for all of the insane work she does and her commitment to her couples.

So how’d the day go? Caitlin got ready at the amazing Verde Beauty Studio where the owner, Tina, did her hair and makeup. Caitlin then slipped into the coolest wedding dress we’ve ever seen so Donald could come up and do a first look. They were so excited to see each other that Cailtin accidently got lipstick on Donald’s custom Luca Falcone suit! After the bride and groom had a moment together we walked around Frenchman Street in New Orleans for a little bit until we all started melting.

We went back to their home for some air conditioning and wedding cookies. Caitlin changed out of her wedding dress for a little bit until a couple of friends showed up-then it was ceremony time! A short and sweet ceremony just a few feet from their own bedroom and an excited laptop audience is all they needed. Once the ceremony was over Donald pulled some strings and got a second line brass band to show up and the two of them second lined through the streets of their own neighborhood. It was HOT, but it was FUN. We’re so glad we were able to help Caitlin and Donald tell their story, we’re so happy they were able to get married by their own rules, and we’re so happy that we’ve made some new friends.

We hope every one of you out there is staying safe during this time. Please keep your heads up and stay positive. Love one another. And we’ll hopefully see y’all very soon!✌