December 8, 2017

New Orleans Wedding – Liz and Mike

This New Orleans Wedding was one for the books! A hurricane was headed our way, and people were freaking out…….so much. The city called for a curfew, streets were closed, vendors were gong wild trying to get to their weddings that had just moved up 7 hours. It was madness, but Liz and Mike took it in stride. These two love each other so much, and they were just so elated to get married and share this day with their closest family and friends. Liz fought back tears as she got ready and Mike hung out with his boys right next door as the rain came pouring down. We tried to embrace that rain as much as we could without¬† getting them soaked, to showcase the conditions on this day they would never ever forget.

We headed to the church to be greeted by the coolest priest EVER. The original priest was not able to make it to the ceremony due to the craziness, but it worked out for the better. Father told me he liked our outfits, then said we could do “whatever we wanted”. This is definitely not the norm so I made sure he was serious, and he again stated we could do “whatever we wanted”. I saved this unusual freedom for communion. This is usually the time when the bride and groom have a chance to chat while everyone behind them is busy and moving about. I ran onto the friggin’ altar and got right up in their faces!

We then headed over to the Beaurgard Keyes house for drinks, dancing, and the best damn food we’ve ever had at a reception. We cant forget Pistol and Stamen for all of the gorgeous floral arrangensts My House Social planned this wedding, and made sure to pay extra special attention to the food since that’s what Mike does in New York. After all of the fears, worries, and craziness these two ended the reception with a dry (and almost sunny) second line around the courtyard led by Kinfolk Brass Band. We really had a very lovely day with these two despite all of the rain, and we know they will be able to weather any storm tat ever comes their way.