November 8, 2016

New Orleans Wedding – Caitlin and Mike

There isn’t much more you can do to have a New Orleans Wedding than parade down St. Charles Avenue with your own second line. Weather in New Orleans can be a delicate conversation as far as weddings go because chances are it’s gonna be hot and humid, or God forbid-rainy!! Mike and Caitlin’s wedding day turned out just perfectly. They had a gorgeous ceremony at the beautiful Elms Mansion who recently did an amazing job revamping the entire grounds. After their ceremony everyone was met at the entry to St. Charles avenue and led by a jazz band for the second line. If you’ve never been to New Orleans, shutting down St. Charles for your parade is a big deal- this isn’t some side street!!  After the cocktail reception we witnessed some of the most touching speeches followed by a full dance floor of love! Mary Spera with Spera special events planned this spectacular wedding, and she did an incredible job. Caitlin and Mike you’re both beautiful and we can’t thank you enough for letting us be their to enjoy your day!!

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