August 12, 2018

New Orleans Wedding – Bree and Lucas

It’s a New Orleans wedding starring Bree and Lucas at the Court of the Two Sisters. Our favorite part of the wedding day comes before the ceremony. A lot of couples think they don’t need coverage beforehand and we can’t stress enough how much of a mistake that is. There’s too much story going on, there’s too many emotions, there’s too much electricity in the air, there’s just too much to miss. You will 100% regret not having these moments to relive later in life. Do yourself and your future self a favor and just have your photographer there to tell your complete story. No one wants to start watching a movie halfway through. You need a beginning, middle, and end. I bring this up because Bree and Lucas had one of the best pregames in wedding history. There was so much going on to highlight. This couple makes everyone around them want to be better, I don’t know how to explain it. Lucas is trying to change the school system in Baton Rouge and the stories people were telling about them literally made me rethink my purpose in life and how I can affect people’s lives for the better. It’s rare but these two are a real inspiration and we’re lucky to have met them. I really hope that all of you enjoy their story and I hope it inspires you to love the one you’re with a little harder!