May 28, 2018

New Orleans Wedding – Beth and Gabe

Hey wedding people! We’ve got another New Orleans wedding for y’all but this one comes with some big news. We’ve moved! Yeah that’s right we moved out of not just New Orleans but Louisiana. Our family relocated to Texas because we’ve got some other big things up our sleeve but fret not, for we will still be shooting New Orleans weddings. In all honesty there’s nowhere else like New Orleans and there’s nothing like a New Orleans Wedding. So moving forward we’re going to dial back the number of weddings that we’ll document and be more selective of our couples. We’re looking for passionate people in love who value fine photography on the most important day in their lives. Enough of that, let’s talk about Gabe and Beth. Here are two people who we’re an absolute pleasure to be around and who got married at an under utilized wedding venue in New Orleans, Court of the Two Sisters. A daytime ceremony is kind of rare in the Big Easy so getting the chance to work under a huge vine covered altar inside one of the city’s most famous courtyards before the sun went down was incredible. One of our favorite parts of the day was the second line, cause we got lost. This never happens but the cops straight up had no idea where to go. At one point the couple had to stop and talk to the police to try and figure out which way they were supposed to go! Beth and Gabe are as genuine as two people can be. We absolutely loved being able to tell their story. Hope you all enjoy some of our favorite moments!!!

Congratulations Gabe and Beth!!!