May 19, 2014

New Orleans Engagements at the Riverbend – Rachael and Ryan

I’m in love with these New Orleans engagements at the Riverbend. I’ve know Rachael and Ryan both for years but met them randomly at different times and had no idea they’d end up getting married. I met Ryan a long while back when I did a photo shoot covering the New Orleans Parkour team. There he was running up walls spiderman style and all I could think was “…nope..” Haha! I’m good on the ground. Rachael I knew from the gym I worked out at and she used to tell me about her boyfriend who was also into photography and was wanting to get more serious into the craft. Wouldn’t you know it, it was ryan.

Since then, Ryan has made a name for himself in New orleans shooting weddings and taking some of the baddest photographs of luxury cars I’ve seen. If you have the chance check out his work,¬†www.swansonphotographystudio.com. I really had a great time with the two of them taking pictures and hanging out. The two of them are incredibly cute together and I’m so pumped for their wedding!!!