January 29, 2014

New Orleans Engagement – Andrea and Brent

The sun was going down fast on this New Orleans engagement, but Andrea and Brent were so comfortable in front of our camera that it never felt rushed. Andrea snagged herself a real life jet fighter pilot! Who doesn’t have the fantasy of being carried away by a good looking man in a uniform whose job it is to fly a multi-million dollar jet that can break the sound barrier? Umm Top Gun anyone??

Since these two were staying just one block behind St. Louis Cathedral we decided to take full advantage of the surrounding area. You wouldn’t know, it but it was cold and Andrea was such a good sport. She was the first to take off her coat and just lean in close to Brent for a little warmth. We can’t wait for their wedding! We’ve got a bet going whether or not Brent and his buddies are going to break out in “You’ve lost that loving feeling”.

Maverick!!!!! 🙂