November 7, 2014

High school Mandeville senior – Maddie

This Mandeville senior was such a pleasure to work with. Maddie is a beautiful young girl who has a great sense of humor and is totally at ease in front of our camera. We told her we had some different locations in mind for her session and she said she trusted us! The first location we went to was jut behind a shopping center parking lot, next to a highway with cars zipping by. Lucky for all of us, the trees there hid our view so there wasn’t any awkwardness with the traffic. It’s surreal to think of how many little awesome photographic getaways are right in front of our eyes if we just look for them. The rest of our afternoon was more of just a relaxing conversation in random places than it was a photo shoot. Maddie is in incredibly intelligent and funny girl who has a brilliant sense of optimism and outlook on life. Getting to spend time with her and other members of the next generation has out believing that we’re all going to be ok 🙂

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