September 9, 2020

Louisiana Wedding – Corrine and Matt

We went way south for this Louisiana wedding. Like, as south as you can go. You could for real almost throw a rock into the Gulf of Mexico from this wedding venue. Corrine and Matt live in Nebraska but came way down to celebrate their marriage in Louisiana! They both are vets and wanted to have their wedding in a setting for a real cowboy because Corrine always said she wanted to marry a cowboy and she finally got one. As a photographer, the lighting couldn’t have been anymore freaking perfect. Most times the ceremony is either just before golden hour or something has held shit up and it’s getting dark super fast. But this was one of those perfect timings that ya couldn’t ask for more. Everyone at the wedding was super sweet and believe me it makes all the difference when everyone gets along (cause sometimes they don’t lol). Shoutout to the most gorgeous floral touches from Doris Ione, they really made the day complete. We hope you enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane with Corrine and Matt.

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