October 22, 2014

Louisiana Senior Photographer – Marin

Louisiana Senior Photographer is something we thought we’d never hear. Lately it’s come up more and more and we don’t hate it. Even though we stay busy with our weddings it’s really great to work with the kind of high school students who love our work and trust us to do our thing. We don’t usually go for the typical senior photographs and that’s OK. We’re staying true to who we are and at the same time isn’t that what we tell these kids right before they’re sent out into the world, to stay true to yourself? We love that these girls can come to us and just be themselves in front of our camera. Marin did such an amazing job with us. Its funny because usually it’s the loud and outgoing ones who you’d think would be great in front of a camera, but sometimes they freeze up as soon as it’s time. Marin was the complete opposite. She’s was this super cute soft spoken girl at our studio when we met, but when it came time to shoot she had a fierceness that came over her that we don’t see very often. Marin is a strong and beautiful girl who’ll do great in her new life as an adult, which is just waiting around the corner. Marin is awesome, and if you don’t know, now you know!

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