July 2, 2014

Louisiana High School Senior – Maddie

Louisiana high school senior and Photographer together in the same sentence was nowhere in our minds just a few years ago. Today, it’s something that we’re identifying with quite well I’d have to say. Photographing high school seniors in that place between adolescence and adulthood is incredibly special. It is a time and a place in our lives that we still travel to in thoughts, dreams, and conversation. I can’t tell you how often we still talk and reminisce about high school! The dates, the parties, and hanging out with our friends.

Maddie is a high school senior here in Mandeville, and we had to use her for a senior model! She came to our studio and had her make up done by the wonderful Johanna Frigola and also chose an outfit that went with the “theme” of the shoot. After she was ready we headed out to a great spot reserved just for her! We decided to keep things simple and just let her natural beauty be the star of the show. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon right as the sun goes down. Oh by the way, it stormed ridiculously bad all day and by some miracle the clouds parted and the sun came out in all of it’s glory just in time to shoot! Maddie is fantastic, and we can’t wait to do her senior casuals so you can see her beautiful face again!

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