April 12, 2014

Lakeshore high school senior – Miranda

Say hello to Lakeshore High School senior Miranda. We finally got to play in the swamp right next to our studio in Mandeville and Miranda was a trooper. The ground was a little damp but luckily the swamp was slightly dried out and gave us enough ground to shoot for the afternoon. Once we finished with the swamp we went a few blocks off of the lake and found some old storage sheds that had some great light happening just inside of the abandoned spaces. Shortly after shooting in those spaces it began to rain so we went back to the studio where we captured some of our favorite images to date.

Shooting seniors in our area has been more rewarding than we though it would be. Weddings can have so many dynamics to them that can pull you in several directions at once both physically and mentally. Slowing things down and shooting portraits has been its own reward. Miranda is a cool girl and we know she’ll do well with the next step in her life!