January 16, 2014

Kim Starr Wise – Floral Events

Hands down one of our favorite florists to work with is (drumroll………!!) Kim Starr Wise. Write that name down and keep it somewhere safe 🙂

We are continuously jaw dropped and shocked every time we see the floral creations that come out of Kim’s shop (<–unintentional rap lyric). We ran, not walked, to Kim’s place to sit down have have a one on one so we could share a little more about this Floral Einstein.

When we walked into her amazing studio located in Uptown New Orleans, she and her team were busy getting ready for the weekend’s events. The first thing that hit was the fragrance. A hundred candles in my home could’t recreate what my nose was catching!

“I grew up in Rochester, New York and went to school in New York City and started dabbling in flowers while I was there living in Brooklyn. I’m split.. My heart is two places at once, New Orleans and New York.”

“I fell in love with New Orleans. I came and left twice. I was here right before Katrina and left, never thinking I would come back to New Orleans again. But I did! I couldn’t stay away.”

“I find working with these floral arrangements is artistic. It’s a medium just like painting or sculpture. It’s a form of art and expression. I get to be creative.”

“I’m super stoked right now. I’ve gotten permission to do something really big for Art in Bloom. I can’t give away all of the details just yet but it’s going to be so cool and huge honor to be part of the action!”

“I really enjoy interacting with my clients and understanding what they want. There is nothing better than showing them what we’ve created and showing a complete collection of pieces that are truly different and not the usual traditional type of arrangements. We push the envelope and find inspiration inside of our clients inspiration.

My background in working floral wholesale in New York gave me so much more knowledge about flowers and I’ve seen so many types of flowers that a lot of clients here have never seen. I love when our clients first see what we’ve created and the genuine happy surprises on their faces!!”


It’s hard to express how talented Kim and her team really are. The arrangements that she creates for our brides are truly pieces of art, and we mean this in the highest regards.

For more information of Kim Starr Wise please visit her website at www.kimstarrwise.com or give her a call at (504) 315-5607. Of course you can always connect with her on Facebook and follow her on twitter.