January 30, 2013

Kick Start Your Art – Oak Alley Plantation

Today we had the opportunity to give a hand to our good friend Mark Eric with his workshop at Oak Alley Plantation. Mark has been one of the major forces in the wedding photography industry in Louisiana for years and has played a serious role in the success of so many photographers in the area, including your’s truly! Always looking to try new things and challenging the status quo, Mark invented something you might have heard of a while back called “Trash the Dress“. We had such a great time today helping Mark kick off his new brand of workshops “Kickstart My Art” where photographers can come learn and be inspired! The great thing about this workshop was seeing how everyone not only got to listen to Mark and Brandon O’Neal‘s (another monster photographer) lecture, but how they got to put the the lessons they just learned into practice with some pretty talented models. We were lucky enough to get to play around with everyone and get some pictures of our own!!

To stay up to date on all of Mark’s upcoming workshops, make sure like the “Kickstart My Art” facebook page.