January 10, 2019

Katie and Mike Wedding

Holy shit, I think hell just might have frozen over…. We Blogged!

For real we’re back with another New Orleans wedding and it’s one of our new year resolutions to come back and be more active on our blog. We wanted to start with Katie and Mike. We shoot a lot of weddings, like a lot of them, and from time to time we for real click with the couple. Their vibe, their attitude, their demeanor just aligned with us and when that happens its magic for us. Work doesn’t feel like work. One of the baddest planners in the city, Fresh, took care of everything. She’s the owner of Eller Jae Events. If ya don’t know Fresh please reach out. Katie and Mike got ready at the Ace Hotel, they also got married there too now that I’m thinking about it. The Ace is a crazy cool spot to get married. It’s got a ton of character. Check out the rest of their wedding below, it was seriously fantastic. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there must be about 80 or 90 thousand words in this blog post.

Alright y’all, y’all be good till next time!