September 12, 2013

Improve your own photography with this free app

Hey, we have something that we want to share with all of our readers that will help you improve your own photography with this free app for your smart phone. We all have our smart phones with us almost at all times and now a days the cameras on them are better than some of the point and shoot cameras still for sale. And now social media has made it easy to share your life through photographs almost instantly with your family and friends. If you’re wanting to improve the photography that you’ve taken with your phone and you’re looking for a way to stand out, the VSCO CAM app should be the next thing you download. VSCO is a company that has mastered film emulation and now they’ve created an app for your smart phone that allows users to apply these film effects to the images that they’ve taken with their phone. Below are some of our own images that we’ve taken here and there.

improve your phone photography

Although the app is free, you can add 40 more film emulations for a nominal fee. There are a lot of different packs that have different feels to them. Some are bright with a lot of contrast, while some are more moody with less saturation. Within the app is a community that once accepted,  you can post your work for others to discover, called the Grid. You’re going to be really surprised and inspired by some of the work that has been submitted and you’ll swear that there is no way that those images were taken with camera phone. That’s how powerful this app is. It gives you so much control over your images and really is just fun to play around and experiment with. Unlike some other popular phone photography apps, you’re not limited to a square crop. After your images are done you have a variety of ways you can crop your image, again with the choices! What the hell we’re these people thinking?

improve your iPhone photographyCheck it out, play with it, have fun. That’s what photography is all about. Once you’ve got your own grid account, look us up. We’d love to see what you’ve shot. You can find us at darkroux.vsco.co

Here is the link to the VSCO app.