October 6, 2012

Heather’s Dinner of the Week

Fall is back…. and SO IS HEATHER!!!

With the Hurricane and the birth of our second daughter, Heather hasn’t been in the kitchen much. I know what you’re thinking. “But Jamie, How did you survive so long without the magic that’s known as Heather’s famous diners?” Well the truth is…. It’s been hell. If I eat one more grocery stored cooked rotisserie chicken it’s going to ruin chicken all together for me. Well little did I know that the other day while I was doing an engagement shoot, Heather decided that enough was enough and she going to get back to doing what she loves, and that’s cooking.

I know this isn’t the prettiest dinner but how it tasted and how the whole house smelled was the perfect compliment to the weather of late and the overall feeling of the new season. The contents of this fantastic smorgasbord¬†consisted of chicken sausage, marinated chicken breast, fennel, apples, vidalia onions, acorn squash, and brussels sprouts. I’m glad that fall is here but I’m even happier that Heater is too!