May 1, 2013

Disney Vacation

You might be wondering why there is a little old yellow house at the top of this post especially since it’s titled Disney Vacation, so let’s start with a little personal back story.

Heather and I lived in Orlando for years while we went to college and that crummy old box is our first real house that we ever lived in together. On Easter Sunday back in 2005 I asked her to marry me on the front porch (I didn’t even get down on one knee…., but that’s another long story!) While living in Orlando I worked as an audio stagehand with rock bands and pretty much any show that would pay me (not a glamorous life) and Heather worked as a waitress at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. She was the bread winner back then ­čÖé

Since she worked on Disney property, we were able to get into Disney whenever we wanted. If we were bored, we would literally go to Disney, ride one ride, and go home. We have been to Disney so many times that the magic for us is pretty much all but snuffed out. Some people love Disney (plenty of our couples do!!) and that’s cool.. We’re just not that into it. But!!!! Our daughter has been such a huge help since her little sister was born that we wanted to do something just for her. Like any other little girl, she’s obsessed with Disney princesses. So we left the little one with the grandparents and took her all the way back to our old stomping grounds. A whole week just for her with no baby distractions!

We did it Griswald style! Packed up the car and headed cross country with the plan of going to Wally World no matter the cost, and come rain or shine, I was going to show my little girl the time of her life! She went on all of the rides and wasn’t scared at all. She even rode Thunder Mountain twice (proud Dad here). After all of the excitement of the crazy rides, fire works, and meeting all of the characters and getting their autograph, being the little princess she is, her favorite part of the whole trip was her make over at the┬áBippity Boppity Boutique.

Our trip was fantastic. It was just what we as a family needed. Besides Disney World, we had a chance to meet up with some of our closest friends who we don’t get to see as often as we want and we’re some lucky S.O.B’s for having people like them in our lives. We took our daughter to our old house and even stopped by our old alma mater where we wasted a lot of money to learn to be an audio engineers so that we could become photographers, Hahaha!! No, but seriously… BEST WEEK EVER!!