January 21, 2014

City Park Engagement – Jessica and Matt

A City Park engagement can bring a lot of thoughts into people’s minds; oak trees, white stone structures, and lakes. All of which are beautiful and great to photograph, if you’re there on say a Tuesday morning when no one is around. Saturday morning is another story, there are tons of people everywhere. Kids running and playing, other photographers, and even the very frequent family reunion with upwards of 100 attendees and they’re all fighting for the same space, right by the¬†Peristyle. On this particular morning we started out in the same space only to be followed by another photographer with a model shoot and an exercise class with Moms working out with babies in strollers. More power to those Moms for getting their children involved in their own fitness, it’s just not the most romantic setting for a couple who is trying to get into the swing of vein in front of the camera.

If you didn’t already know, City Park is larger than Central Park in NYC and we love making use of every square inch of it. Jessica and Matt were up for anything and rolled with the punches. They trusted us and we all went to the back of the park where we got a chance to do something a little different and play with some textures that aren’t always associated with typical City Park engagement sessions. The results far exceeded our expectations and we absolutely love Jessica and Matt for being so adventurous! We’ve been so lucky to continuously attract the perfect couples who mesh so well with our particular style of photography.