about jamie


Hey Guys,
I’m not gonna start by telling you I love taking photos, and capturing memories, blah blah blah... It’s obvious that I like taking pictures, I’m a photographer. I have other interests too ya know! Haha!

I love all things edible and drinkable. Now I can’t cook a bit, not even a little. Lucky for me I married one of the most amazing cooks in the world! One time I tried to be nice and made dinner for Heather. That was when she decided to tell me to grab a cold beer, go watch some tv on the couch, and that she’ll let me know when dinner’s ready. It’s been that way for almost 8 years now and I would’t change it for the world.

I’m an ex- musician. I say “ex” because I don’t ever find myself with the time make any music. I love me some Heavy Metal! My favorite two bands are Pantera and the Deftones. When someone’s not screaming in my face, I’m also really into relaxing down tempo stuff like Thievery Corporation.

Besides that stuff, my daughter is my biggest inspiration and love. Everything I do and everything I am is because of the smile I see on her face. Heather is my best friend and we’re so blessed to have the most beautiful little girl and love for one and other!

about heather


Hey everyone, my name is Heather.

Yes, Jamie does love my cooking. When I do get a chance to watch TV, I usually have the Food Network on. It’s my favorite thing to do, besides taking pictures. I have a great little family and I couldn’t be more blessed.

Jamie and I are both chilled out people. Working with us is about as stress free as it can get. I can’t think of having a better job. I get to do what I love while hanging out with the man I love!

Our oldest daughter Vada is a photographer in training. She just got her first “made for kids” camera. It’s so awesome seeing her take pictures and watching her get so excited when she sees the pictures she’s taken. She really is our whole world!

We're expecting our second daughter almost any day now and we can't wait to meet her!!!